Backwater Valve Grant

The City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply is extending the Backwater Valve Grant Application Program. We have included $50,000 in our 2016 budget proposal to continue the Backwater Valve Grant Program, which provides a $1,500 reimbursement grant to qualified owner-occupied single or two-family residential properties that have evidence of past backups.  To date, we have approved the installation of 350 backwater valves at a total cost of $450,000. 

Download the grant application and instructions here. All applications for the $1,500 grant must complete the grant application and mail it together with required documentation to:
Backwater Valve Grant Application Program
City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply
10 North Enterprise Drive
Albany, NY 12204

Please make copies of any papers, photos, estimates, scope of work, etc. submitted and retain a copy for your records.

The City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply has set the goal for all installations to have a functional and maintainable backwater valve installed on all applicants dwelling.  Float valves in floor drains do not comply.  The following applies to all installations seeking approval under the Backwater Grant Program:  

For exterior installation, valve must be accessible for periodic maintenance and cleaning.  Extendable PVC backwater valves are acceptable.  If any other method is to be used, the valve installer must submit details for approval with their estimate.  The installer should demonstrate to the applicant how to remove the extendable section, if an extendable valve is utilized.  Installer should also demonstrate how to reset it and secure the valve in place.

For interior installation, the backwater valve must be placed between the house trap and the outside sewer lateral. No other openings (i.e., pit drains, floor drains, etc.) may remain open between the backwater valve and the outside sewer lateral. This may require excavating the existing house trap and moving its location further from the foundation wall.  Backwater valves must be accessible and clear of any concrete or other materials which inhibit the opening of the valve for periodic maintenance and cleaning.

Due to failures which have taken place with PVC backwater valves installed inside dwellings, these occur where the PVC flap sits on a hanger and can come off during flows especially under higher pressures, backwater valves with the type where the flap is pinned so it is not susceptible to this type of failure are required for the Backwater Grant Program. Acceptable Backwater valves are:

  1. Globe Manufacturing Model 2604 4” no hub backflow valve (or Model 2606 for 6” pipes),
  2. Jay R. Smith Model 7012S-04 for 4” or 7012S-06 for 6” pipe,
  3. Wade – Model 4204NH, 
  4. Josam – No Hub Model 67400,
If you want to use another manufacturer, please submit a cut sheet prior to installing. 

Both type of valves should be periodically inspected and cleaned when necessary. Valve manufacturers have information on this.  A copy of this information should be provided to the applicant. 

Also note that all installers must obtain a permit from the City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply. You must also call during normal business hours to contact the Department’s dispatch office at 434-5322 to arrange for the inspection before the area excavated to install the valve is backfilled.  Pipes shall be visible and in place.