Sergio Santana

Code Inspectors
Title: Code Enforcement Inspector
Phone: 518-434-5995
Sergio Santana (Staff Directory)

Sergio Santana sees his job as working to make sure that tenants and landlords live up to their responsibility in maintaining their properties. "We have to ensure people are getting a fair and honest treatment from their landlords," he says. "Tenants also have to take care of their housing so that landlords can enjoy the fruits of their investment." To do the job well, "we have to be knowledgeable about the code and exercise fairness across the board," he says. What he enjoys most about his work is "meeting different people. It gives you a feeling for the community."

Sergio has a social work background. "Everything I've done has been oriented to the public." He's done property maintenance as well, where he gained a knowledge of buildings. Off-hours, Sergio enjoys films, photography, cooking, and participating in cultural events around the city.


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