Water & Water Supply


The Department of Water and Water Supply emphasizes four primary Core Values; Safety, Customer Service, Professionalism and Sustainability. If we focus on our core values and execute our duties and responsibilities, the Department will be in the best position to serve our customers, work safely, promote teamwork and establish a sound foundation for the future by managing our assets within a framework focused on sustainability.  

We aspire to be the model public utility in the Northeast.

Mission Statement – The Department of Water and Water Supply will deliver a reliable and high quality supply of water to our customers, including fire protection; we will collect and safely convey wastewater to treatment facilities and comply with all of our regulatory permit requirements and conditions; we will provide a safe work environment for our employees; we will provide courteous, responsive and professional service to our customers and a work environment that is supportive and respectful of each other.

Goals – high level
  • We will supply water to our customers with 100% reliability (quality and quantity)
  • We will maintain our system and plan future improvements to our system to keep 100% of the sanitary sewage “in the pipes”
  • We will train our staff and operate our facilities to achieve 100% compliance with all regulatory permit conditions and requirements
  • We will emphasize safety training and workplace performance and behaviors to strive for no missed work days resulting from work place injuries
  • We will invest as stewards to protect and preserve the long-term functionality of our infrastructure, including creating a detailed inventory of fixed assets to be updated annually to account for new and rehabilitated assets
  • We will invest and incorporate technology to increase operational efficiency (e.g. leak detection)
  • We will implement performance based metrics aligned with department goals and track as key performance indicators
  • We will administer the City of Albany MS4 program (Municipal Separated Storm Sewer Systems) to protect natural watercourses from pollution.
  • We will respond to flooding problems, including assisting the City of Albany with the maintenance and repair of drainage systems, review of new projects in regard to grading and runoff, and review of flood risks and mitigation.
  • We will undertake planning for future water, sewer and storm water infrastructure needs for new development in the City of Albany.
The Department uses a series of performance measures that we call Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are measured and tracked. They are identified as follows:

Key Performance Indicators
  • Water/Sewer Revenue
  • Operating Expenses
  • Net Operating Cash Flow
  • Net Cash Flow (after Debt Service and Capital Project expenses)
  • Water Produced
  • Water Sold
  • Unaccounted Water Produced
  • Overtime (by Unit)
  • Orions Installed (meter conversion program)
  • Incident Reports
  • Water/Sewer Line Breaks & Repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance statistics - sewer footage cleaned and televised
  • Leak detection - blocks and footage of pipe tested
  • Locations (provided to contractors and outside utilities)
  • Wastewater Discharges to Albany County Sewer District
2016 Accomplishments– Department of Water and Water Supply

After devastating flooding in August 2014, the Administration committed to flood mitigation projects in neighborhoods most impacted by the flooding.  The Water Department identified and advanced two major Beaver Creek Overflow Abatement & Flood Mitigation projects.  In 2016, construction of the $2.0 million Hansen/Ryckman project was substantially completed. This project will collect the first three inches of rainfall and store over one million gallons of separated storm runoff, mitigating peak combined sewer follow and neighborhood flooding.  In 2016, the second major project on Elberon Place was designed and partially constructed under emergency conditions on South Lake Avenue.  The remainder of the $2.4 million Elberon Place project will be constructed in 2017. The Albany Water Board received a $1.0 million NYSDEC grant and a $450,000 million NYSEFC grant for these projects. The Water Board was also the recipient of an $837,500 Round 2 Water Infrastructure Improvement Act grant in 2016. 

The Quail Street Green Infrastructure project was completed, separating sanitary and combined sewers and providing detention to reduce peak storm water discharges from this corridor. This Green Infrastructure demonstration project received a $1.8 million dollar grant from the NYSEFC. The Quail Street project was the recipient of the Capital Branch of the American Public Works Association’s Project of the Year in the Environmental category.

The Tivoli Lake Preserve Patroon Creek Daylighting Project received a $1.1 million grant from NYSEFC and a $1 million grant from NYSDEC. 

The Upper Washington Avenue Corridor Infrastructure Improvements were advanced. The Harriman Sewage Pump Station and Force Main design is 75% complete. The Albany Water Board has a $1.9 million grant from Empire State Development Corporation for this project.  The Albany Municipal Water Finance Authority will be applying for funding of $6.7 million through the Environmental Facilities Corporation in 2017. 

The Sewer SCADA Phase I project was completed, establishing the central computer interface and first three remote monitoring sites. A NYSDEC grant of $50,000 was received to be used for monitoring of the combined sewage overflows.

The Water Department began establishing priorities for revitalizing our sewer and water infrastructure through the creation of an Asset Management Plan. One of the outcomes of this program is to identify vulnerable sewer lines for lining and in 2016, we lined over 5,000 feet of mainline sewer.

In 2016, the Department updated our billing software and initiated cellular meter reads for our 36 largest customers.

The challenges of aging infrastructure are well documented and the City has witnessed the consequences of these challenges. In 2016, the Water Department continued to recruit talented staff with exceptional skillsets. While the ability to recruit and retain staff has become difficult nationally in the municipal government sector, the Department has hired talented staff that are key to assisting in the day to day operations as well as meeting the vision of revitalizing our infrastructure.           


  • Secure $39+ million in water & sewer revenue
  • Comply with all Long Term Control Plan milestones and Regulatory Compliance programs
  • 15% reduction in lost work days due to workplace injuries
  • 15% increase in sewer preventive maintenance cleaning and camera inspection work
  • Reduce Lincoln Park water leakage losses by 90%
  • GIS Infrastructure mapping of all water and sewer infrastructure
  • Implement a Computerized Maintenance and Management System software system
  • Implement an integrated Inventory Control System
  • Implement the Forest Management and Carbon Market program for the Alcove Reservoir Watershed


The property owner contracts with a licensed plumber for the construction of a new water service. There is a fee to the Albany Water Board for tapping the water main and also a fee for a water meter. These fees vary according to the size of the service. Contact customer service at 518-434-5300.

Contact Information

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DISPATCH: (518) 434-5322 (flooding, back-ups, sinkholes, main breaks)
EMERGENCY: (518) 462-4004 (12 midnight-7:30 a.m., weekends & holidays)
Fax: (518) 434-5332
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