Ward 3 - Hon. Ronald E. Bailey

Ward 3Hon. Ronald Bailey

Ronald Bailey grew up in Albany’s south end and Arbor hill neighborhood. Ronald’s mother, the late Louise Lumpkin Johnson was a committee person for the 3rd ward (3-7). When she became very ill, she needed someone to fulfill her commitment, so she reached out to her son Ronald, and asked him to finish out her term and to serve in the community like she had done. He did just that and was elected every term after.

Ronald Bailey is happily married to Leta Dandridge Bailey. The couple has two adult children and they also have three grandchildren. Ronald Bailey resides in the West Hill area and is committed to serve the people in the 3rd ward and the city of Albany.

Ronald Bailey also serves as a committee person, ward leader in the 3rd ward, 2nd vice chair of the Democratic city committee and now his newly position as the Councilman in the Common council.

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Contact Information

266 Elk Street
Albany, NY 12206
(518) 300-8797
[email protected]