City Staff Directory

Administrative Services

Rachel McEneny, Commissioner of Administrative Services 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Ann Giard-Chase, Human Resources Director / ADA Coordinator 518-434-5284 [email protected]
Dennis Gaffney, Internal Communications 518-434-5001 [email protected]
Personnel Division 518-434-5284
Employee Benefits 518-434-5284
Civil Service Commission 518-434-5049
Equal Employment Opportunity / Fair Housing
Charmel McCormick, EEO/AA / Human Rights Coordinator 518-434-5296 [email protected]
Andrea Leanza, MWBE Compliance Coordinator 518-407-0255 [email protected]
Purchasing, Room 255-256M
Fax Number 518-434-5138
Ann Dilillo, Purchasing Director 518-434-5135 [email protected]

Albany Community Development Agency

General Information 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Faye Andrews, ACDA Director 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Luis Perez, Deputy Director 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Amie Jefferson, Administrative Assistant 518-434-5265 [email protected]
James Romano, Construction Director 518-462-8848 [email protected]
Glen Campman, Maintenance 518-434-5281 [email protected]
ACDA Programs
Joseph Severino, Finance Counselor 518-434-5273 [email protected]
John Kisselback, Outreach 518-434-5259 [email protected]
Jim Matteo, Program Compliance Officer 518-434-5267 [email protected]
Michael Foley, Rehab & Env. Svcs. 518-434-5255 [email protected]
Patsy Lucarelli, Vacant Building Rehab 518-434-5249 [email protected]
Dan Lyman, Rehab Specialist 518-434-5263 [email protected]
Fiscal Management
Lisa Clevenger, Accountant 518-462-8694 [email protected]
Kristin Cronin, Finance/Mortgage Officer 518-434-5272 [email protected]
Lynn Zeronda, Fiscal Consultant 518-434-5256 [email protected]


Trey Kingston, Acting Commissioner 518-434-5155 [email protected]
Chrissy Mirando 518-434-5155 [email protected]
Christian Ford 518-434-9136 [email protected]
Nancy Gasorowski 518-434-5157 [email protected]
Jason Harris 518-434-5160 [email protected]
Emma Wilson 518-434-5156 [email protected]

Budget Office

Michael Wheeler, Acting Budget Director 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Amy Hendrickson, Executive Assistant 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Nicholas Blais, CFM 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Phillip Suruda, Budget Analyst 518-434-5078 [email protected]

Buildings & Regulatory Compliance

General Information 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Robert Magee, Director 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Valerie Scott, Department Supervisor 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Richard LaJoy, Deputy Director of Code Enforcement 518-434-5995 [email protected]
David Lussier, Deputy Director of Buildings 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Beaulie Dubose, Senior Clerk 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Samuel Wells, Neighborhood Stabilization Coordinator 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Support Staff
Harold VanSchoick 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Iris Johnson 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Margaret Rockwell 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Jeffrey Dooley, Senior Electrical Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Edward Foley Jr., Plumbing Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Daniel Sherman, Senior Building Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Adam Clark, Building Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Thomas Adriance, Permit Technician 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Regulatory Compliance
Gerald Campbell, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Joshua Gold, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Eileen Halloran, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Daniel Hofman, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Sergio Santana, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]

City Auditor

Susan Rizzo, City Auditor 518-434-5023 [email protected]

City Clerk's Office

Gerald Campbell, Acting City Clerk 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Cashawna Burt, Acting Deputy Clerk 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Harry Strole 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Jasmine Whitbeck 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Elizabeth Burciaga 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Deb LaPorte 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Vital Statistics, Room 254M
Fax Number 518-434-5975
Danielle Gillespie, Registrar 518-434-5045 [email protected]
J'Mi Sibert 518-434-5045 [email protected]
Kayla Cardona 518-434-5045 [email protected]
Kristine Ritson 518-434-5045 [email protected]

Common Council

Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin, President 518-462-1458 [email protected]
Ward 1 Hon. Dorcey Applyrs 518-894-8981 [email protected]
Ward 2 Hon. Vivian Kornegay 518-334-3771 [email protected]
Ward 3 Hon. Ronald Bailey 518-300-8797 [email protected]
Ward 4 Hon. Kelly Kimbrough 518-250-9267 [email protected]
Ward 5 Hon. Mark Robinson 518-221-7811 [email protected]
Ward 6 Hon. Richard Conti, President Pro Tempore 518-436-8546 [email protected]
Ward 7 Hon. Catherine Fahey 518-482-6159 [email protected]
Ward 8 Hon. Jack Flynn 518-209-1975 [email protected]
Ward 9 Hon. Judy Doesschate 518-459-2889 [email protected]
Ward 10 Hon. Leah Golby 518-209-1244 [email protected]
Ward 11 Hon. Judd Krasher 518-364-5006 [email protected]
Ward 12 Hon. Mike O'Brien 518-482-1160 [email protected]
Ward 13 Hon. Dan Herring, Majority Leader 518-438-7527 [email protected]
Ward 14 Hon. Joseph Igoe 518-489-3014 [email protected]
Ward 15 Hon. Frank Commisso, Jr. 518-429-8089 [email protected]
Barbara Samel, Legal Counsel 518-434-5123

Corporation Counsel (Legal)

Bill Kelly, Acting Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Adriana Le Blan, Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
David A. Gonzalez, Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Marisa Franchini, Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Jellisa Joseph, Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Peachie Jones, Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Barbara DeLuca, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5050
Michele Andre, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5050
Courtney Ditonno, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5050

Economic Development

Capitalize Albany Corporation / Albany IDA / CRC
Sarah Reginelli, President 518-434-2532, ext 22
Michael Bohne, Communications & Marketing 518-434-2532, ext 23
Chantel Burnash, Executive Assistant 518-434-2532, ext 19
Andy Corcione, Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 14
Ashley Mohl, Senior Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 29
Joe Landy, Senior Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 27
Mark Opalka, Controller 518-434-2535, ext 21

Fire & Emergency Services

Command Staff
Warren W. Abriel, Chief of Department 518-447-7877 [email protected]
Joseph J. Toomey, Executive Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Joseph W. Gregory, Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Maria Walker, Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Training and Safety
Fred Peters, Captain 518-447-7832 [email protected]
Michael Schepisi, Lieutenant 518-447-7832 [email protected]
Fire Investigations
Christopher Evans, Captain 518-462-8662 [email protected]
Christopher Kollias, Firefighter 518-462-8663 [email protected]
Eric Spath, Firefighter 518-462-8666 [email protected]
Paul Lawton, Firefighter 518-462-8664 [email protected]
Pete Hall, Lieutenant 518-447-7892 [email protected]
Repair Shop
Sean Moran, Master Mechanic 518-436-7029 [email protected]
Chris Lyons, Mechanic 518-436-7029
Jesse Wait, Mechanic 518-436-7029
Administrative Staff
Mary Theresa Abriel 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Russell Adams 518-447-7879 [email protected]

General Services (DGS)

Daniel Mirabile, Commissioner 518-434-2489
Daniel W. DiLillo, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-2489
Frank Zeoli, Director of Operations 518-434-2489
Kahla Kuchta, Confidential Assistant to the Commissioner 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Michele Chandler, Office Supervisor 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Molly McGuire, Community Relations Coordinator 518-434-5822 [email protected]
Meghan Ruby, Planning Unit Recycling Coordinator 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Complaints 518-434-2489
Billing 518-434-5809
Payroll 518-434-2489
Permits (Street Opening, Curb Cuts, Grading) 518-434-2489
Fax Number 518-434-5696
Randy Milano, City Engineer 518-427-7481 [email protected]
Bill Lecuyer 518-434-5490 [email protected]
John Darougar 518-434-5491
Fahad Mir 518-434-5676
Patrick McCutcheon 518-434-2387
Charles William 518-434-5675
Bob Minard, Chief Labor Supervisor 518-434-5852
Roger Winton, Deputy Chief Labor Supervisor 518-427-7491
Thomas Pfeiffer, Forester 518-427-7489 [email protected]
Raymond Schaap, Assistant Forester 518-427-7488
Central Maintenance
Bruce Shultis, Jr., Supervisor 518-434-5866
Fleet Maintenance
Jeff Hunt, Supervisor 518-445-0726
Shane Moran, Fleet Manager 518-434-5864

Landfill / Recycling

Joe Giebelhaus, Solid Waste Manager 518-869-3651

Management Information Systems (IT)

Mark L. Dorry, Chief Information Technology Officer 518-434-5016
Andy Sterling, System Specialist 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Dave Wolfe, Network System Technician 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Ron Franklin, Information Technology Specialist II 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Calvin Dixon, Information Technology Specilaist I 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Charles Maguire, Senior Network System Technician 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Akosua Garcia Yeboah, Senior IT Project Manager 518-434-5016 [email protected]
Luke Gucker, Information Technology Assistant 518-434-5016 [email protected]

Mayor's Office

Fax Number 518-434-5013
Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan 518-434-5100 [email protected]
Brian Shea, Chief of Staff 518-434-5100 [email protected]
Elaine Dimase, Scheduling Assistant 518-434-5100 [email protected]
David, Galin, Special Asst. to the Mayor/Policy Analyst 518-434-5100 [email protected]


General Information 518-465-6066 [email protected]
Kevin Luteran, Energy Manager
[email protected]
Lauren Alpert 518-434-5250 [email protected]
Mary Millus 518-434-5286 [email protected]

Planning & Development

General Information 518-465-6066 [email protected]
Christopher P. Spencer,
518-434-5262 [email protected]
Brad Glass,
Deputy Director
518-445-0754 [email protected]
Sean McLaughlin,
Confidential Assistant
518-465-6066 [email protected]
Land Use & Cultural Resources
Lauren Alpert,
Board of Zoning Appeals
518-434-5250 [email protected]
Erin Glennon,
Historic Resources Commission
518-242-7714 [email protected]
Neighborhood Planning
Yasmine Robinson 518-434-2583 [email protected]
Allison Hargrave 518-434-5271 [email protected]
Data Management / GIS Services
Mary Millus 518-434-5286 [email protected]

Police Headquarters

Office of the Chief 518-462-8015 [email protected]
Chief of Police Brendan Cox 518-462-8015
Deputy Chief of Police Robert Sears 518-462-8009
Steven Smith, Police Officer/Public Information Officer 518-462-8756 [email protected]
Father James LeFebvre 518-462-4254
Elena Turley, Secretary 518-462-8015 [email protected]
Administrative Services / Central Records 518-462-8019
Handicap Parking Tag 518-462-8019
Thomas Gibbons, Lieutenant 518-462-8007
Special Operations / Traffic Safety 518-462-6593
Animal Control 518-462-7107 [email protected]
David Hayes 518-462-7107
Karen Miller 518-462-7107
Jason Hogan 518-462-7107
Evening & Weekends 518-438-4000
Detective Division 518-462-8039
Case Coordination Unit 518-462-8075
Children & Family Services Unit 518-447-8780
Criminal Investigation Unit 518-462-8039
Criminal Response Unit 518-462-8034
Forensic Investigation Unit 518-462-8028
Information Coordination Unit 518-462-6388
Computer & Technology Unit 518-462-8018
Tony Artis 518-434-4560
Bryan Kelly 518-462-8846
Fiscal Operations 518-434-5221
Bridget Pardo, CFO 518-462-8021
Kimberly Wilcox 518-462-2660
Jeanne Walsh, Clerk 518-434-5221
Office of Professional Standards 518-462-8017
Anthony Fasciglione, Detective 518-462-8008
Kathleen Hendrick, Detective 518-447-7847
Mark Reith, Detective 518-447-8795
Marissa Shane, Detective 518-434-5346
Deborah Mengel, Clerk 518-462-8017
City Hall Security 518-434-9873
Communications 170 Henry Johnson Blvd 518-438-4000
CENTER STATION 536 Western Ave 518-458-5660
SOUTH STATION 126 Arch St. 518-462-8049

Recreation Department

Jonathan Jones, Commissioner 518-434-5699
Main Office Fax 518-434-5707 [email protected]
Taylor Dewitt, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5699
Carol Williams, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5803
Quail Street Boxing Gym 518-434-2480
Arbor Hill Pool 518-434-1876
Lincoln Park Pool (summer only) 518-472-1200
Arbor Hill Community Center (4pm-9pm) 518-434-0583
Swinburne Ice Rink 518-438-2406

Cultural Affairs & Special Events

Alay Medina, Director 518-434-2032 [email protected]
Elaina Davis, Office Manager 518-434-2032 [email protected]
Ryan Murray, PR Coordinator 518-434-5415 [email protected]
Chris O'Donnell,
Operations Manager
518-434-5411 [email protected]
Barbara Smith, Special Community Projects Coordinator 518-434-9821 [email protected]
Monique Kimble,
Logistics Coordinator
518-434-5416 [email protected]
Corporate Development 518-434-2032
Tom Mottolese,
Technical Coordinator
Sarah Kampf, Web Assistant 518-434-5103 [email protected]

Treasurer's Office

Hon. Darius Shahinfar, Treasurer 518-434-5036
Payroll Department 518-434-4951
Accounting 518-434-5036
Accounts Payable 518-434-5026
Parking Violations Bureau
James VanAppledorn, Director 518-434-5008

Water & Water Supply

DISPATCH (flooding, back-ups, sink holes, main breaks) 518-434-5322
EMERGENCY (12 midnight-7:30 a.m., weekends and holidays) 518-462-4004
SECURITY OFFICE (24 hours) 518-434-5308
OFFICE (Office hours - 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon-Fri) 518-434-5300
Fax Number 518-434-5332
Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E., Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
William D. Simcoe, P.E., Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Elizabeth Romand, Confidential Asst. to the Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Tom Dufresne, Chief Fiscal Officer 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Michael Ruede, Operations Manager 518-445-0741 [email protected]
Luigi DiNardo, Asst. Operations Manager; Permits, Contractors 518-434-5334 [email protected]
Andrea Scheely, Customer Service & Billing 518-434-5327 [email protected]
Neil O'Connor, P.E., Engineering 518-434-5336 [email protected]
Amy Walsh, Watershed Manager 518-756-6495 [email protected]
Justin Schievelbein, Asst. Operations Manager: Sewer Unit 518-434-5304 [email protected]
Peter Beck, Stormwater Coordinator
518-242-7691 [email protected]
Paul Behnke, GIS Specialist 518-242-7690 [email protected]
Joe DeGiovine, Instrumentation 518-419-5055 [email protected]
Charles Homeyer, Records 518-434-5329 [email protected]
Lee Venette, Mechanic Shop 518-434-5330
Alcove Reservoir 518-756-6495
Loudonville Reservoir 518-434-3983
Feura Bush Filter Plant 518-767-2667
Plant Operator 518-767-2667, ext 221
Maintenance 518-767-2667, ext 225
Lab Director, Rifat Hussain, PhD 518-767-2667, ext 227 [email protected]

Youth & Workforce Services

Jonathan Jones,
Raphael J. Tucker,
Deputy Commissioner
518-434-5207 [email protected]


Youth Services 518-447-5977
Fax Number 518-434-9742
Albany YouthBuild
175 Central Ave
Michael Longo,
Program Coordinator
cell: 518-380-8938
[email protected]
Youth Opportunity Office
382 Clinton Ave
Main Office 518-447-5977
Fax Number 518-447-5973
Paul Collins-Hackett,
Youth Program Facilitator
518-434-5550 [email protected]
Laila Amir, Community Aide 518-447-5977 [email protected]
My Brother's & Sister's Keeper
Elizabeth Harris,
Executive Director
518-434-2390 [email protected]

Workforce Services

Main Office 518-462-7600
Fax Number 518-434-9742
Serafina Biberman, Accountant I 518-434-5341 [email protected]
Zakeria Chauhan, Accountant I 518-242-8238 [email protected]
John Holmberg, Youth Service Navigator 518-242-8241 [email protected]
Mary Kalica, Fiscal & Data Management Coordinator 518-434-5717 [email protected]
Esther Patterson, Senior Employment & Training Specialist 518-242-8228 [email protected]
Jackie Jop, Payroll Clerk 518-434-5556 [email protected]
Elizabeth Harris, Director of Enrollee Services 518-242-8240 [email protected]
Helen Liddell, Greeter 518-242-8258 [email protected]
Stephanie Barrett, Clerk II 518-242-8258 [email protected]
Wayne Pombrio, Technical Security Specialist 518-242-8232 [email protected]
Capital Region Workforce Investment Board
175 Central Ave, 3rd Floor
Robert Wildermuth, Executive Director 518-242-8220
cell: 518-330-6300
[email protected]
Summer Youth Employment Program
Bleecker Stadium
Main Office 518-438-1082 [email protected]
Fax Number 518-459-7649
Paul Collins-Hackett, Director 518-438-1082 [email protected]

Other Helpful Contact Information

Public Services
Albany City Court 518-453-4640
Albany Traffic Court 518-453-4630
Albany Police Court 518-453-5520
Albany Housing Authority
Steven Longo,
Executive Director
Peter Ragsdale 518-641-7500
Albany Parking Authority
Matthew Peter,
Sean Palladino,
Director of Operations
Linda Shell,
Financal Director
Riverfront Garage
(Columbia & Water)
Green-Hudson Garage
(Hudson & Green)
Quackenbush Garage
(25 Orange St.)
Albany Port of Albany
Richard J. Hendrick,
General Manager
Albany Main Branch, Public Library
Scott C. Jarzombek,
Executive Director
Albany Visitors Center
25 Quackenbush Sq
Capital Hills Municipal Golf Course
Scott Gallup,
Hall of Records
Craig A. Carlson
Deputy County Clerk
518-436-3663, ext 207
Tony Opalka,
City Historian