City Staff Directory

Administrative Services

Rachel McEneny, Commissioner of Administrative Services 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Ann Giard-Chase, Human Resources Director 518-434-5284 [email protected]
Akosua Garcia Yeboah, Senior Project Manager 518-434-5014 [email protected]
Personnel Division 518-434-5284
Employee Benefits 518-434-5284
Civil Service Commission 518-434-5049
Equal Employment Opportunity / Fair Housing
EEO/AA / Human Rights Coordinator 518-434-5296
Andrea Leanza, MWBE Compliance Coordinator 518-407-0255 [email protected]
Purchasing, Room 255-256M
Fax Number 518-434-5138
Ann Dilillo, Purchasing Director 518-434-5135 [email protected]

Albany Community Development Agency (ACDA)

General Information 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Faye Andrews, ACDA Director 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Luis Perez, Deputy Director 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Amie Jefferson, Administrative Assistant 518-434-5265 [email protected]
Dennis Gaffney, Communications Coordinator 518-434-5164 [email protected]
James Romano, Construction Director 518-462-8848 [email protected]
Glen Campman, Maintenance 518-434-5281 [email protected]
ACDA Programs
Joseph Severino, Finance Counselor 518-434-5273 [email protected]
John Kisselback, Outreach 518-434-5259 [email protected]
Jim Matteo, Program Compliance Officer 518-434-5267 [email protected]
Michael Foley, Rehab & Env. Svcs. 518-434-5255 [email protected]
Patsy Lucarelli, Vacant Building Rehab 518-434-5249 [email protected]
Dan Lyman, Rehab Specialist 518-434-5263 [email protected]
Fiscal Management
Lisa Clevenger, Accountant 518-462-8694 [email protected]
Kristin Cronin, Finance/Mortgage Officer 518-434-5272 [email protected]
Lynn Zeronda, Fiscal Consultant 518-434-5256 [email protected]


Trey Kingston, Acting Commissioner 518-434-5155 [email protected]
Chrissy Mirando 518-434-5155 [email protected]
Nancy Gasorowski 518-434-5157 [email protected]
Emma Wilson 518-434-5156 [email protected]

Budget Office

Michael Wheeler, Acting Budget Director 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Amy Hendrickson, Executive Assistant 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Nicholas Blais, CFM 518-434-5078 [email protected]
Phillip Suruda, Budget Analyst 518-434-5078 [email protected]

Buildings & Regulatory Compliance

General Information 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Robert Magee, Director 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Valerie Scott, Department Supervisor 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Richard LaJoy, Deputy Director of Code Enforcement 518-434-5995 [email protected]
David Lussier, Deputy Director of Buildings 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Beaulie Dubose, Senior Clerk 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Samuel Wells, Neighborhood Stabilization Coordinator 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Support Staff
Harold VanSchoick 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Iris Johnson 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Margaret Rockwell 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Jeffrey Dooley, Senior Electrical Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Edward Foley Jr., Plumbing Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Daniel Sherman, Senior Building Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Adam Clark, Building Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Thomas Adriance, Permit Technician 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Regulatory Compliance
Gerald Campbell, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Joshua Gold, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Eileen Halloran, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Daniel Hofman, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]
Sergio Santana, Code Enforcement Inspector 518-434-5995 [email protected]

City Auditor

Susan Rizzo, City Auditor 518-434-5023 [email protected]

City Clerk's Office

Gerald Campbell, Acting City Clerk 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Cashawna Burt, Acting Deputy Clerk 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Harry Strole 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Jasmine Whitbeck 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Elizabeth Burciaga 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Deb LaPorte 518-434-5090 [email protected]
Vital Statistics, Room 254M
Fax Number 518-434-5975
Danielle Gillespie, Registrar 518-434-5045 [email protected]
J'Mi Sibert 518-434-5045 [email protected]
Kayla Cardona 518-434-5045 [email protected]
Kristine Ritson 518-434-5045 [email protected]

Common Council

Hon. Corey Ellis, President 518-591-4654 [email protected]
Michele Andre, Legislative Aide 518-434-5087 [email protected]

Ward 1
Hon. Dorcey Applyrs 518-894-8981 [email protected]
Ward 2
Hon. Derek Johnson 518-720-7118 [email protected]
Ward 3
Hon. Joyce Love 518-221-6221 [email protected]
Ward 4
Hon. Kelly Kimbrough, Majority Leader 518-250-9267 [email protected]
Ward 5
Hon. Jahmel K. Robinson 518-606-0176 [email protected]
Ward 6
Hon. Richard Conti, President Pro Tempore 518-436-8546 [email protected]
Ward 7
Hon. Catherine Fahey 518-482-6159 [email protected]
Ward 8
Hon. Jack Flynn 518-209-1975 [email protected]
Ward 9
Hon. Judy Doesschate 518-459-2889 [email protected]
Ward 10
Hon. Owusu Anane 518-763-7083 [email protected]
Ward 11
Hon. Alfredo Balarin 518-209-6922 [email protected]
Ward 12
Hon. Mike O'Brien 518-482-1160 [email protected]
Ward 13
Hon. Ginnie Farrell 518-944-0313 [email protected]
Ward 14
Hon. Joseph Igoe 518-489-3014 [email protected]
Ward 15
Hon. Tom Hoey 518-378-1474 [email protected]

Corporation Counsel (Law)

Bill Kelly, Esq. Acting Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Marisa Franchini, Esq., Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
David A. Gonzalez, Esq.Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Adriana Le Blan, Esq. Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Peachie Jones, Esq. Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Madalyn DeThomasis, Esq. Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Kenneth Miller, Esq. Assistant Corporation Counsel 518-434-5050
Barbara DeLuca, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5050
Courtney Ditonno, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5050
La Donna Singh, Paralegal 518-434-5050

Doing Business in Albany - 21 Lodge Street

Capitalize Albany Corporation (CAC) / Albany IDA / CRC
Sarah Reginelli, President 518-434-2532, ext 22
Michael Bohne, Communications & Marketing 518-434-2532, ext 23
Alison Matthews, Executive Assistant 518-434-2532, ext 19
Andy Corcione, Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 14
Ashley Mohl, Senior Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 29
Joe Landy, Senior Economic Developer 518-434-2532, ext 27
Mark Opalka, Controller 518-434-2535, ext 21

Fire & Emergency Services

Command Staff
Warren W. Abriel, Chief of Department 518-447-7877 [email protected]
Joseph J. Toomey, Executive Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Joseph W. Gregory, Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Maria Walker, Deputy Chief 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Training and Safety
Fred Peters, Captain 518-447-7832 [email protected]
Michael Schepisi, Lieutenant 518-447-7832 [email protected]
Fire Investigations
Christopher Evans, Captain 518-462-8662 [email protected]
Christopher Kollias, Firefighter 518-462-8663 [email protected]
Eric Spath, Firefighter 518-462-8666 [email protected]
Paul Lawton, Firefighter 518-462-8664 [email protected]
Pete Hall, Lieutenant 518-447-7892 [email protected]
Repair Shop
Sean Moran, Master Mechanic 518-436-7029 [email protected]
Chris Lyons, Mechanic 518-436-7029
Jesse Wait, Mechanic 518-436-7029
Administrative Staff
Mary Theresa Abriel 518-447-7879 [email protected]
Russell Adams 518-447-7879 [email protected]

Department of General Services

Daniel Mirabile, Commissioner 518-434-2489
Daniel W. DiLillo, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-2489
Frank Zeoli, Director of Operations 518-434-2489
Kahla Kuchta, Confidential Assistant to the Commissioner 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Michele Chandler, Office Supervisor 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Molly McGuire, Community Relations Coordinator 518-434-5822 [email protected]
Meghan Ruby, Planning Unit Recycling Coordinator 518-434-2489 [email protected]
Complaints 518-434-2489
Billing 518-434-5809
Payroll 518-434-2489
Permits (Street Opening, Curb Cuts, Grading) 518-434-2489
Fax Number 518-434-5696
Randy Milano, City Engineer 518-427-7481 [email protected]
Bill Lecuyer 518-434-5490 [email protected]
John Darougar 518-434-5491
Fahad Mir 518-434-5676
Patrick McCutcheon 518-434-2387
Charles William 518-434-5675
Bob Minard, Chief Labor Supervisor 518-434-5852
Roger Winton, Deputy Chief Labor Supervisor 518-427-7491
Raymond Schaap, Assistant Forester 518-427-7488
Central Maintenance
Bruce Shultis, Jr., Supervisor 518-434-5866
Fleet Maintenance
Jeff Hunt, Supervisor 518-445-0726
Shane Moran, Fleet Manager 518-434-5864

Landfill / Recycling

Joe Giebelhaus, Solid Waste Manager 518-869-3651

Mayor's Office

Fax Number 518-434-5013
Kathy M. Sheehan, Mayor 518-434-5100 [email protected]
Brian Shea, Chief of Staff 518-434-5100 [email protected]
Elaine Dimase, Scheduling Assistant 518-434-5100 [email protected]
David Galin, Special Asst. to the Mayor/Policy Analyst 518-434-5100 [email protected]
Sarah Kampf, Special Projects Coordinator 518-434-5100 [email protected]

Energy Management

General Information 518-465-6066 [email protected]
Kevin Luteran, Energy Manager
[email protected]

Planning & Development

General Information 518-465-6066  [email protected]
Christopher P. Spencer, Commissioner 518-434-5262  [email protected]
Brad Glass, Deputy Director 518-445-0754  [email protected]
Sean McLaughlin, Confidential Assistant 518-465-6066  [email protected]
Land Use, Cultural Resources & Neighborhood Planning
Lauren Alpert (Zoning Appeals) 518-434-5250  [email protected]
Erin Glennon (Historic Resources) 518-242-7714  [email protected]
Yasmine Robinson (Planning Board)
518-434-2583  [email protected]
Data Management / GIS Services
Mary Millus 518-434-5286 [email protected]

Police Department

Office of the Chief 518-462-8015 [email protected]
Robert Sears, Acting Police Chief 518-462-8015
Steven Smith, Public Information Officer 518-462-8756 [email protected]
Father James LeFebvre 518-462-4254
Elena Turley, Secretary 518-462-8015 [email protected]
Administrative Services / Central Records 518-462-8019
Handicap Parking Tag 518-462-8019
Special Operations / Traffic Safety 518-462-6593
Animal Control 518-462-7107 [email protected]
David Hayes 518-462-7107
Karen Miller 518-462-7107
Jason Hogan 518-462-7107
Evening & Weekends 518-438-4000
Detective Division 518-462-8039
Case Coordination Unit 518-462-8075
Children & Family Services Unit 518-447-8780
Criminal Investigation Unit 518-462-8039
Criminal Response Unit 518-462-8034
Forensic Investigation Unit 518-462-8028
Information Coordination Unit 518-462-6388
Computer & Technology Unit 518-462-8018
Tony Artis 518-434-4560
Bryan Kelly 518-462-8846
Fiscal Operations 518-434-5221
Bridget Pardo, Chief Fiscal Officer 518-462-8021
Kimberly Wilcox 518-462-2660
Jeanne Walsh, Clerk 518-434-5221
Office of Professional Standards 518-462-8017
Anthony Fasciglione, Detective 518-462-8008
Kathleen Hendrick, Detective 518-447-7847
Mark Reith, Detective 518-447-8795
Marissa Shane, Detective 518-434-5346
Deborah Mengel, Clerk 518-462-8017
City Hall Security 518-434-9873
Communications 170 Henry Johnson Blvd 518-438-4000
CENTER STATION 536 Western Ave 518-458-5660
SOUTH STATION 126 Arch St. 518-462-8049

Recreation Department

Jonathan Jones, Commissioner 518-434-5699
Main Office Fax 518-434-5707 [email protected]
Taylor Dewitt, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5699
Carol Williams, Confidential Secretary 518-434-5803
Quail Street Boxing Gym 518-434-2480
Arbor Hill Pool 518-434-1876
Lincoln Park Pool (summer only) 518-472-1200
Arbor Hill Community Center (4pm-9pm) 518-434-0583
Swinburne Ice Rink 518-438-2406

Cultural Affairs & Office of Special Events

Alay Medina, Director 518-434-2032 [email protected]
Elaina Davis, Office Manager 518-434-2032 [email protected]
Ryan Murray, PR Coordinator 518-434-5415 [email protected]
Chris O'Donnell, Operations Manager 518-434-5411 [email protected]
Corporate Development 518-434-2032
Tom Mottolese, Technical Coordinator 518-434-2032

Treasurer's Office

Hon. Darius Shahinfar, Treasurer 518-434-5036
Payroll Department 518-434-4951
Accounting 518-434-5036
Accounts Payable 518-434-5026
Parking Violations Bureau
James VanAppledorn, Director 518-434-5008

Water & Water Supply

DISPATCH (flooding, back-ups, sink holes, main breaks) 518-434-5322
EMERGENCY (12 midnight-7:30 a.m., weekends and holidays) 518-462-4004
SECURITY OFFICE (24 hours) 518-434-5308
OFFICE (Office hours - 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Mon-Fri) 518-434-5300
Fax Number 518-434-5332
Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E., Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
William D. Simcoe, P.E., Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Elizabeth Romand, Confidential Asst. to the Commissioner 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Tom Dufresne, Chief Fiscal Officer 518-434-5300 [email protected]
Michael Ruede, Operations Manager 518-445-0741 [email protected]
Luigi DiNardo, Asst. Operations Manager; Permits, Contractors 518-434-5334 [email protected]
Andrea Scheely, Customer Service & Billing 518-434-5327 [email protected]
Neil O'Connor, P.E., Engineering 518-434-5336 [email protected]
Amy Walsh, Watershed Manager 518-756-6495 [email protected]
Justin Schievelbein, Asst. Operations Manager 518-434-5304 [email protected]
Peter Beck, Stormwater Coordinator 518-242-7691 [email protected]
Paul Behnke, GIS Specialist 518-242-7690 [email protected]
Joe DeGiovine, Instrumentation 518-419-5055 [email protected]
Charles Homeyer, Records 518-434-5329 [email protected]
Lee Venette, Mechanic Shop 518-434-5330
Alcove Reservoir 518-756-6495
Loudonville Reservoir 518-434-3983
Feura Bush Filter Plant 518-767-2667
Plant Operator 518-767-2667, ext 221
Maintenance 518-767-2667, ext 225
Rifat Hussain, PhD, Lab Director 518-767-2667, ext 227 [email protected]

Youth & Workforce Services

Jonathan Jones, Commissioner 518-434-5699
Raphael J. Tucker, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5207 [email protected]


Youth Services 518-447-5977
Fax Number 518-434-9742
Albany YouthBuild 175 Central Ave
Michael Longo, Program Coordinator 518-434-5058, C: 518-380-8938 [email protected]
Youth Opportunity Office 382 Clinton Ave
Main Office 518-447-5977
Fax Number 518-447-5973
Jonathan P. Jones, Commissioner 518-434-5800
Raphael J. Tucker, Deputy Commissioner 518-434-5207 [email protected]
Paul Collins-Hackett, Youth Program Facilitator 518-434-5550 [email protected]
Laila Amir, Community Aide 518-447-5977 [email protected]
My Brother's and Sister's Keeper (MBSK)
Elizabeth Harris, Executive Director 518-434-2390 [email protected]


Main Office 518-462-7600
Fax Number 518-434-9742
Serafina Biberman, Accountant I 518-434-5341 [email protected]
Zakeria Chauhan, Accountant I 518-242-8238 [email protected]
John Holmberg, Youth Service Navigator 518-242-8241 [email protected]
Mary Kalica, Fiscal & Data Management Coordinator 518-434-5717 [email protected]
Esther Patterson, Senior Employment & Training Specialist 518-242-8228 [email protected]
Jackie Jop, Payroll Clerk 518-434-5556 [email protected]
Elizabeth Harris, Director of Enrollee Services 518-242-8240 [email protected]
Helen Liddell, Greeter 518-242-8258 [email protected]
Stephanie Barrett, Clerk II 518-242-8258 [email protected]
Wayne Pombrio, Technical Security Specialist 518-242-8232 [email protected]
Capital Region Workforce Investment Board 175 Central Ave. 3rd Floor
Robert Wildermuth, Executive Director 518-242-8220, c: 518-330-6300 [email protected]
Summer Youth Employment Program Bleecker Stadium 721 Clinton Ave.
Paul Collins-Hackett, Director 518-438-1082 [email protected]
Main Office 518-438-1082 [email protected]
Fax Number 518-459-7649

Other Helpful Contact Information

Albany Department of Public Services
Albany City Court 518-453-4640
Albany Traffic Court 518-453-4630
Albany Police Court 518-453-5520
Albany Housing Authority - 200 South Pearl Street
Steven Longo, Executive Director 518-641-7500
Peter Ragsdale 518-641-7500
Albany Parking Authority - 25 Orange Street
Matthew Peter, Director 518-434-8886
Sean Palladino, Director of Operations 518-434-8886
Linda Shell, Financal Director 518-434-8886
Riverfront Garage (Columbia & Water) 518-434-8750
Green-Hudson Garage (Hudson & Green) 518-434-8998
Quackenbush Garage (25 Orange St.) 518-434-8886
Albany Port District Commission - Port of Albany
Richard J. Hendrick, General Manager 518-463-8763
Albany Public Library - 161 Washington Ave.
Scott C. Jarzombek, Executive Director 518-427-4300
Albany Visitors Center - 25 Quackenbush Square
Main 518-434-1217
Capital Hills Golf Course - 65 O'Neil Road
Scott Gallup, Superintendent 518-438-2209
Hall of Records - 95 Tivoli Street
Craig A. Carlson, Deputy County Clerk 518-436-3663, ext 207
Tony Opalka, City Historian 518-459-3994