You may view, print and/or pay your tax bill here. This site may also be used to view or print 2017-2020 tax receipts.

For more information on the recent changes to the STaR program, please visit the Assessment Office webpage.

Information about the 2019 and 2020 Waste Collection Fee Bills.  (The City is no longer accepting payments for 2019 ($140 per unit) and 2020 ($90 per unit) WCF Bills.  Unpaid bills will be added to the 2021 tax bills with no extra charge.  E-mail if you have any questions. 

You can request a change to your billing address by email

Notice to Taxpayers of the City of Albany

Updated December 31, 2020

The City has stopped accepting 2019 and 2020 Waste Collection Fee payments.  Unpaid 2019 and 2020 bills, along with 2021 bills were added to the 2021 tax bills.  (See above for more information.)

Although City Hall has been reopened it is still strongly recommended to contact our offices before coming to City Hall to address a parking ticket or pay a bill. Check or money order for bills such as parking tickets, property taxes, waste collection fees, hospitalization charges, fines, etc., may be sent to:
Treasurer, City Hall
24 Eagle Street
Room 109
Albany, NY 12207

Online Payment

Online credit card or ACH payments for:

You may also call our office at 518-434-5036 or email any questions to Tax Bills and Address Changes or Tax Billing. Email is checked on a regular basis, as are phone messages, in the event that no one is available to answer your call.  

Taxes & Payments

All taxpayers now have the option to pay property tax bills in two installments.

The first installment of ½ of the bill must be made on or before February 1 (February 8 for eligible seniors). The payment dates are usually January 31 and February 6 (for eligible seniors) but both of those dates fall on a weekend in 2021 so taxpayers have extra time to pay. 

The second installment of ½ of the bill plus interest must be paid at any point after the due date of the 1st installment. The 2nd installments, and all unpaid tax bills, are mailed out in early July. If you wish to pay your 2nd installment before July, please call our office at 518-434-5035 or check online for the current amount due. For additional information, please see the back of the tax bill, visit How To Pay Tax Bills or call the office directly at 518-434-5035.

General Information

  • All property taxes are due and, if mailed, must be postmarked by the U.S. Post Office by February 1, 2021 (or February 8, 2021 for Senior exemption bills) to avoid penalties and interest. Under New York State law, penalties must be added if a payment is late under all circumstances, and municipalities have no discretion to waive the interest added for late payments.
  • There is a $34 fee for all returned payments.
  • The Treasurer's office now offers multiple ways for you to obtain property tax bill information. Save a trip to City Hall, view, print and/or pay your tax bill online. Payment may be made directly from a checking account for a $.50 cent fee, or by credit card for a $.25 cent fee plus 1.95% of the total payment.

You can request a copy of your Tax bill and/or receipts for payment by emailing Tax Billing or filling out this form.

Tax Bills & Receipts

Tax bills should be received by you no later than Friday, January 8, 2021. Please do not call our office if you did not receive a tax bill until after January 11, 2021. You may always click on the link above to view or print your bill.

If you would like a copy of your tax bill emailed to you, please send a request to Tax Billing, and we will email you a copy of your tax bill as soon as possible.

Receipts are mailed on a regular basis and the first batch of receipts will be mailed out by mid-March 2021. Receipts are also available online. E-receipts of all 2020 payments will be available online within 48 hours of posting of the payment. All 2020 receipts have been mailed as of March 27, 2020.

Tax Rolls


Under the City Charter, the Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, receipt, care and custody of all taxes and monies due to the City. The Treasurer is also responsible for payment of all vouchers, claims, payroll and other authorized disbursements, and oversees investment and debt management as authorized by State and local law. As Chief Fiscal Officer, the Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the City's financial statements.