COVID-19 City of Albany Resource Guide

  1. Vaccination Pre-Registration
  2. City of Albany Essential and Non-Essential Services Updates
  3. COVID-19 Test Sites
  4. COVID-19 Symptoms & Prevention
  5. Home-Proofing for COVID-19 and Other Illnesses
  6. Where to Access Food
  7. Domestic Violence Prevention
  8. Mental Health Support
  9. I've Lost My Job or Closed My Business as a Result of COVID-19
  10. Public Transportation
  11. Information for Various Federal, State & Local Agencies, Nonprofits & Others
  12. What to do if I cannot pay my utilities during COVID-19 outbreak
  13. How Do I Get Health Insurance?
  14. Where Can I Volunteer My Time to Help My Community?

To make an appointment, visit: or call  1-833-697-4829.

Albany County Department of Health has more vaccine information available.